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Engine Optimization

You have invested your valuable time and money into developing a website that promotes your products and services.  Great!  However, if no one sees it, what good is it?

One of the first things a successful business owner learns is the importance of reserving a portion of your operating budget to market your business. To ensure that your target market finds your website, an Internet marketing program must be included in that budget. 

Marketing That Zings will explain your Internet marketing options and help you to determine which is best for your company and clients. 

Website Submission

One Time Submission -  $250
   Submission of site to Google and Bing
   Submission of site to additional search engines
   Creating Business Local Pages Google and Bing
   Creation of Google Search Console
   Submit Site Map to Google and Bing
   Setting up Google Analytics 

On Going Submission - $520/year
   Includes everything above plus, 
   Monitoring Google Analytics
   Ranking report for 4 search terms
   Resubmitting site to search engines

Google Adwords

$75 Set-Up Fee

$250/yr for up to 30 search terms, plus the cost of click throughs.

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