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Social Media is a way of life today.  Not only for social purposes, but also as a powerful marketing tool. Depending on your customer demographic, they are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube.  Which means, your business needs to be using social media sites as well. 


Many business owners are often unsure how to best use social media sites.  They also find it a to be a time-consuming task. Marketing That Zings is here to help!

What Can You Do With Social Media?

  • Create a community of customers 

  • Offer special sales, promotions, and coupons

  • Share a recent project or industry news

  • Promote new products and services

  • Spotlight employees and customers

  • Keep customers engaged with your business

  • Give people a behind the scenes look at your business

Marketing That Zings can create a custom Social Media Marketing Plan for your business.  Give Tammy a call today! 


Setting Up Account / Page - $50/page

Basic Plan 

Posting to Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

  • 2x/month - $240/yr per page

  • 4x/month - $480/yr per page

Discounts when posting to 2 or more sites


Custom Packages

We will discuss your social media goals and create a custom plan. 

Social Marketing Mistakes

No Purpose or Focus

You need to have a clear focus of what and why. What is your objective? Why are you using social marketing? What are you trying to accomplish?

No Strategy

How will you use social marketing? Frequent communication is better than an occasional posting. A "shotgun" approach may give you exposure, but won't necessarily yield results.

Wrong Audience

Who is your target audience? The quality of your contacts is more important then a list of 10,000 fans.

No Real Message

What do you plan to say? How will you say it? Provide value and you'll attract more followers.

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