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Website Design Services

Marketing That Zings understands that the process of designing a website can be intimidating, overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming. I will walk you through each step of the process, explaining the technical jargon in terms that you will understand. You are involved in the process as much or as little you want.  Some clients provide me their site - word for word. Others will give me an idea of what they want to say.  Still others have said, "I trust you, so just let me know when the site is done". 
Wix is my preferred Website builder because they offer a lot of flexibility in Website design.  I have worked with other Website building programs such as Wordpress, Jumla, and Shopify, and have a good understanding of HTML and CSS to edit Websites.  

I take great pride in my abilities. Because you expect nothing but the best from me, I strive to deliver on that expectation.

Website Design Services

Hourly Rate: $45

After we have spoken about your project, I will provide an estimate of time.  A basic 5-Page site takes about 10 hours to complete.  

A 50% deposit is required to begin the project.  The balance is due once the site is done and approved by you. 

"Everything looks so amazing!! You did an outstanding job, I am so pleased!!! Thank you so much for also making it compatible for tablets and cell phones, since most people are accessing that through their mobile devices. Thanks again it is beautiful."

"Tammy, thank you so much for your patience. Also - you are very good at explaining your craft and I appreciate it."



Tec-Ease had been a client with Virtualtech for almost 20 years.  When the business was sold they went to another design firm.  This company redesigned their site, however the customer service was not what it has been when Tammy owned Virtualtech. 

Marketing That Zings now handles their Website updates, including adding new contact and pages.  This is done using HTML coding.  We also market their site.  

Visit their site at


Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County

Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County was ready for an update to their Website.  The site was in Wix and they wanted to keep it there.  So, using an update template and adding custom colors, images and rewording text, Marketing That Zings created their new site. 

We also added additional features such as events, embedding Facebook feed, and PayPal buttons for donations and gift certificate sales.  

Visit their site at


DNA Testing to Find Relatives

Kimmy Mack, a genetic genealogist reached out to me aksing to update her Website.  She had started on her own but needed a bit of help to finish it.  Kimmy uses DNA testing to find birth parents and children, grandparents, and other relatives and ancestors.

Learn more at


The Botox Barn

This brand new business adventure needed a Website.  The owner, Kristina asked around and was referred to me.  Together we created a site that provides information about the cosmetic injection services she offers at The Botox Barn. 


Learn more at


Your Website Here

We would love to add your Website to our portfolio!

Contact Tammy today and let's get started!


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